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Hi, welcome to the urPlayer - Your Perfect Music Player testing family

urPlayer - Your Perfect Music Player is an open source Music Player from Gamesprobe with all the features that will soothe your ears with enchanting music and make your mind lost in the musical world. urPlayer will bring back the default music player of android (which was discontinued after Android 5.0) on your mobiles with some additional features like themes, folder player and more options to control and sort albums and artworks. Its time to plugin your headphones and listen to songs and music with urPlayer. Key Features of urPlayer - Your Perfect Music Player: 1. All features of the default music player. 2. Fast loading of all songs in the player (within a minute even if you have 1000 songs). 3. Don't like the background of the app? Select from 9 exciting colors and choose from dark or light theme. 4. Equalizer to tweak the beats and fall in love with the music again and again. 5. Take control of all the album artworks, clear them all or download them all with a single click. 6. Share songs with your friends directly from the app. 7. Add a folder from your SD card to playlist or simply play all songs in a particular folder. 8. We know a music lover hates to be interrupted while listening songs, so urPlayer is completely ad free and offline to give you uninterrupted music experience. 9. Swipe up or down to switch between the playlist and current playing song screen. There are much more features in the app that we ourselves don't know :D and we promise to add more features regularly to better your music listening experience. The app is still in development phase so stay with us, let us know your feedback, fix the bugs and we will be ready with the best Music Player in a matter of time. To get updates on our works, Follow us on Facebook : So read all about the app? Don't wait more, get the urPlayer on your mobile and feel the rhythm of your favorite songs.

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